21 Mar

It is now March. My search for him in the greenery has begun. I searched high and low in the marshes by the lake, in its coves and on its beaches. Sometimes he is elusive to me. There are times in my life where I am filled up with God so that everything I see is beautiful. Other times, when I feel weary from life’s journey, even the greatest of miracles cannot be seen. Perhaps I felt this way when I began my walk through the greenery today.

Taking a long and deep breath, I began anew. I looked with new awareness and with an open heart to be filled by His majesty. Though I didn’t find my blue heron friend, I did find God’s grace on awesome treetops, on green stems growing hidden by the winter’s mud, and on the smallest of branches where I saw tiny new buds beginning to appear. So here’s to new beginnings, a spring like no other, and safe travels home to me for my blue heron friend.

Searching for him

One Response to Beginning Anew

  1. Aron Hajde

    November 4, 2017 at 11:05 pm

    Dear Frannie,
    Thank you for your inspiration during today’s One Simple Voice retreat. I tried to take notes and take in the many inspirational slides and words you and the others provided. It was an emotional experience for me as I have sought for years to hear His voice. I just ordered your book on Amazon Smile so that I can give it more time and reflection.
    Best regards,

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