About the Author

Spiritual teacher, inspirational speaker, and author Frannie Rose has always focused on the art of healing. Frannie received her graduate degree in speech and language pathology from the University of Arizona. As a speech and language pathologist, she worked with stroke and brain-injured patients in Arizona and Colorado. In this experience, she discovered the joy of helping those in need.

After her career was derailed by the sudden onset of an unknown illness at the age of thirty-two, Frannie spent seventeen years bedridden. She had to give up her career as a speech pathologist and business owner and became limited in her role as a mother to young toddlers. Faced with these losses, Frannie was forced to make the choice to surrender to a God in whom she hardly believed or to commit suicide. She chose to live.

From the trials and tribulations of these lost years, Frannie began forging a new life. She wrote her first book, Fixing Frannie, published in 2001 by GMA Publishing. In 2003, she authored an inspirational column, Ask Frannie Online, for several online organizations. As her own wellness increased, she began to focus solely on her journey with God. The events that Frannie describes in The Invitation: Uncovering God’s Longing to Be Heard took her on a spiritual path of enlightenment and discovery which she now shares with others in her teachings, writings, and workshops.

Currently, Frannie is the co-founder and spiritual teacher of the nonprofit organization named after God’s voice, One Simple Voice (OSV), located in the offices of the Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs. Through OSV, she teaches in retreats and workshops for interfaith groups, religious groups, and other organizations, and she is invited to make presentations for other professional speaking engagements. She also carries a full-time load of spiritual students, including diocesan priests who serve more than 160,000 parishioners. Her following includes people from all walks of life, including religious clergy, bishops, nuns, those who wander, high-powered executives, those with addictions, and the unemployed. Frannie is most inspired by God to teach clergy how to hear God’s voice—with the purpose of breathing God’s words, acceptance, and peace into organized religion.

Frannie continues to walk through the greenery every day, devoting hours of each day to a mystical journey of peace and union with God. With her children now fully grown, she lives with her husband in the mountains of Colorado in a world she describes as “one filled with wonder and the true essence of life.” Frannie’s deepest wishes are echoes of God’s wish: a world where there is peace and harmony as every soul listens to His voice. She wishes for each soul to know that a mystical journey such as hers is possible for anyone.

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