21 Mar

It is now March. My search for him in the greenery has begun. I searched high and low in the marshes by the lake, in its coves and on its beaches. Sometimes he is elusive to me. There are times in my life where I am filled up with God so that everything I see is beautiful. Other times, when I feel weary from life’s journey, even the greatest of miracles cannot be seen. Perhaps I felt this way when I began my walk through the greenery today.

Taking a long and deep breath, I began anew. I looked with new awareness and with an open heart to be filled by His majesty. Though I didn’t find my blue heron friend, I did find God’s grace on awesome treetops, on green stems growing hidden by the winter’s mud, and on the smallest of branches where I saw tiny new buds beginning to appear. So here’s to new beginnings, a spring like no other, and safe travels home to me for my blue heron friend.

Searching for him

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05 Oct


See you in late autumn, my friend,
when Colorado blackbirds fly in tandem
and your heart desires a break in the clouds.
When the bitter cold of winter hides behind purple mountains,
sunshine and falling leaves will pave your path.

See you when the wild autumn breeze
blows in the chill of white winter storms
and the fragrance of burning pinon and pine
fills the evening air with peace.

See you when bright pumpkins grow wildly,
held tight by the strength of the vine,
at long last picked by a loving child
imagining faces of black crayon smiles
and grins of square teeth and triangle eyes.

See you in late autumn, my friend,
when your heart feels filled with sea breezes
and your tired mind has been put to rest,
when you long for God again to speak
from jagged mountain tops and billowed clouds.

Until we pray again in late autumn, my friend,
until our souls shed the old brittle leaves,
when elm tree branches are bare as our hearts,
the power and presence of winter, our next breath,
God rising from deep within our hearts,
then we shall pray again.

Travel safely and lightly through autumn, my friends, and God will give you wings …

~ Frannie

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15 Sep

Walking through the greenery, I see it now beginning to turn the colors of fire, a sign of autumn slowly approaching. For a few weeks now, I have been looking for The Friend. He is nowhere to be found. Just as in years past, he escapes me in late summer or early autumn, to be found again come springtime of next year. I so grieve the loss of him, and I wonder where I will be when I see him again. Will the smile still be on my face that wondrous day? I am hoping so. As I walk along and look up at the sky, I see beauty and Grace in the sweet birds that fly. I have filled my empty space with God’s beauty today, and I have learned what I focus on indeed expands.


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14 Jun

Heart Candles

If you are like I am, you have been shocked into sad silence from the attack a few days ago. And if you are like I am, you have so much to say and so much inside that you are feeling. It goes against our hearts when we witness hate. To hate back strengthens hate. To be violence, strengthens violence. For we are all God’s children, and all we wish for at our deepest level is to know our creator, to know our purpose, and to love one another.

What can we do to honor the memory of the precious souls who were taken from us? Though it does not sound like the answer to our minds that want to fight, we need, instead, to be the change we wish to see—for only from within ourselves can we change the essence of what is happening. If we wish to see love, we must be love. If we wish to see peace, we must be peace.

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26 Apr

Today my walk in the greenery was through cool and invigorating winds of change. The sky changed from white to blue, then back to white again. New leaves that that had been forming on tree branches were falling to the earth in the breezes. Why would God create and allow His creation to fall?

The falling sometimes brings us more beautiful richness and growth. The lessons we need to learn–ones we haven’t mastered from the past–are learned once again from a deeper place. Let this day be a reminder to us of all the deeper lessons we will learn from Him. May our hearts see many gifts in that. This is my prayer as I sit here today on my bench and reflect upon this day in this now life.

Frannie's Stone Bench

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18 Apr

Frannie's Lake Cold Day

Today I walked in the snowflakes, looking for The Friend. It was cold–in the 30s–yet the signs of spring were everywhere. The lake was cold, and there were hardly any birds sitting amid the waves. I looked in all the hidden spots, the small little islands, the serene lost coves, and on the branches of trees, but to no avail. The Friend was unseen today, as God is sometimes tucked away from me. And yet I know He is there, underneath the things that cover me, keeping me warm from the storms of my life. Today, I remember this as I listen to Him so the cold does not freeze my heart.

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13 Apr

This morning, I walked once again through the greenery to fill my heart with God’s love. The blue heron I had been waiting for had arrived at the lake. On other days, I had seen him for scant moments, but today, he stood proudly, watching the ripples on the lake glide by. My heart rose in a way it never had before. To see him in his beauty surprised me, for it was something I least expected on this busy morning. Today, once again, God has filled me with His sweet love and beautiful gifts.

Frannie Blue Heron

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26 Mar

Frannie's Blue Sky

Waiting for the storm, I sat on my favorite rock and looked into the infinite skies. There was only blue from every angle these eyes could see. And yet, the winds of change reminded me of Him and the truth of this day. Yes, change is on the way–not as bad, but good. Each new day, God brings death and new life: death to ego, or false self, and life as new depth of heart. We too are resurrected despite our fear of what lies ahead. We surrender to the storms, as after the winds blow, we are gifted with new life–new and luscious blossoms, beauty-filled beginnings in His peace.

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21 Mar

Walking with God on the first day of spring, I witnessed new birth: the miraculous birth of leaves coming from a very small portal in a branch. As a leaf pushes through–much like our own physical birth–the leaf opens up to freedom in a new, wider, and more wondrous world. Then, slowly, it journeys toward His light. Wondrously miraculous!

Birth of a Leaf

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20 Mar

Frannie's whitecaps - Copy

As the winds blew, I walked with Him. The excitement built with each gust. When I arrived at the lake, I found whitecaps–the water’s response to chaos. Walking through the storm with Him in the center of my heart brought me great peace. As I turned the bend into the church garden, there lay a gift: the promise of spring already in blossom. It does my soul good to center with God through the chaos, seeing at last His gifts.

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