06 Jan

As I walked along the lake, my geese friends flew overhead. First a group of just a few, then a few more, and then thousands of them left the lake and flew over me in joyous chorus! Their little voices, all distinct and beautiful, spoke to me of a day filled with ice skating, cold water swimming, and flying. What a joy to live a life like that! However, I would not trade this life that God has given me to live a different life. This life is beyond anything I could ever have imagined. That is sweet contentment. That is Joy!


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16 Nov

Nov 16

My walk through the autumn greenery on this day took place in the calm before a storm. A little pond filled with the flowers of fall caught my eye. Such autumn leaves are manifold gifts, reminding us of change.

With consciousness of our world events, I paused and sat on my bench. There, I reflected upon the peace of God inside me, now felt in this beauty-filled garden. Then, placing the intention in my heart, I purposed: it is this peace amidst the chaos that I shall be to the world today.

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11 Nov

On one of my walks last week, I was stopped by a glimpse into the future: it was almost Christmaslike in autumn! I stood surprised and delighted that something so wondrous would be in my path. But so it is … When my eyes are wide open, I realize that where there’s beauty, there’s God.

Autumn Christmas

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03 Nov

Nov 3 pool of light

This was a beautiful autumn day to walk and find my own heart. The sun was so full of light that it ran over and spilled on my lake. I walked as the pool of light followed me–a reminder that we are never really alone.

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13 Oct

On the lake this morning, the sun had finally brightened the tree limbs. Their leaves waved silently in the breeze. I have never seen colors this bright on any autumn day. The rains of summer have left us with so many beautiful facets of fall. Today on my walk, I ran into a doe with eyes so bright my sunglasses could not mute them. What joy! What love! Autumn is never ending beauty. And Who is behind this gift to us?

What gifts of autumn have you seen?

Oct 13 autumn lake

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12 Oct

Frannie's Lake 10.12.15

Autumn has entered the greenery, and the colors around me surround me with God’s light. I look on the lake, and there is no sign of my blue heron friend. He is gone for the season, only to return next spring on a day when I need his company. What I see today is beauty everywhere. The gifts are so abundant when I look for them. Always abundant when I look. What you focus on, expands.

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24 Sep

All summer, I looked for my blue heron–my Friend. While I was looking, the sewers were being redone, and much of the water leading to the lake seemed to keep the wildlife away. Today is the first day in many weeks that I have seen anything come to the lake. While I stood on the bridge, five wild geese flew in from the east. I was full of joy to see some life on the beautiful shiny waters. But I’ve missed my Friend this summer, having to be satisfied only with seeing him flying in the air so full of Grace.

Sept 24 geese

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25 Jul

Frannie Garden Steps 50

This week, on a stroll through the church garden, I was looking for my friend the blue heron in his familiar places. I walked around the lake that was black with ripples in the stormy winds and found my way to the steps of light. There I sat at their foot, drinking up the only light that could be found on this dark, soul morning. My gift: a heart alive with peace.

What gift did you find today?

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06 Jun

Today as I look up at the stormy mountains, what I see is the gray ahead. Through my journey with God, I have come to realize that this gray ahead is only a storm—a situation—and that the truth lies in the way my heart feels rather than in the winds that blow. Does my heart flow with the breezes, or does it stand alone fighting off the insult of the blow? Does my stance bend or is it stiff? Do I stand firm or do I fly? All of these are such important questions as I journey on, one lovely step at a time.

As I reflect on my life as it was just over a decade ago, I recall standing at the bridge with a new beginning. Healing of my body was not a possibility within my limited mind but was surely a wish inside my heart. I learned to take one day at a time—one minute sometimes—while my illness waxed and waned. Some days were good days, other days a wash, but ever present was the awareness of a growing magic inside me. Something was being born, and much like a fetus grows within the womb bearing the special glow of new life, my spirit was growing from within the darkness, framing all with Light.

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24 Apr

Welcome to my blog about The Invitation: Uncovering God’s Longing to Be Heard. This project is very special to me, and I hope to share some of that excitement with you here.

I’ll be using this blog to interact with you about The Invitation, expanding on some of the topics in it and blogging on some of the ideas related to my book.

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