14 Jun

Heart Candles

If you are like I am, you have been shocked into sad silence from the attack a few days ago. And if you are like I am, you have so much to say and so much inside that you are feeling. It goes against our hearts when we witness hate. To hate back strengthens hate. To be violence, strengthens violence. For we are all God’s children, and all we wish for at our deepest level is to know our creator, to know our purpose, and to love one another.

What can we do to honor the memory of the precious souls who were taken from us? Though it does not sound like the answer to our minds that want to fight, we need, instead, to be the change we wish to see—for only from within ourselves can we change the essence of what is happening. If we wish to see love, we must be love. If we wish to see peace, we must be peace.

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