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Spiritual teacher, inspirational speaker, and author Frannie Rose has always focused on the art of healing. Frannie received her graduate degree from the University of Arizona in Speech and Language Pathology, working in the health care field as a Speech Pathologist with stroke and brain-injured patients. After her career was derailed by the sudden onset of an unknown illness, Frannie spent seventeen years in bed. She had to give up her career as a speech pathologist and business owner and became limited in her role as a mother to young toddlers. Faced with these losses, Frannie was forced to make the choice to surrender to a God in whom she hardly believed, or to commit suicide. She chose to live. 

From the trials and tribulations of this these lost years, Frannie began to forge a new life. In 2015, Frannie authored a groundbreaking book The Invitation, sharing the experience of her mystical life. No modern book has been written depicting the journey to union with God in such a brilliant and breathtaking way. This beautiful journey was portrayed in her walks and conversations with God as she described metaphors and incredible gifts that God showed her. The events that Frannie recounts in The Invitation, took her on a deep spiritual path to union with God; a discovery she now shares with others in her teachings, writings, and workshops.

Frannie is the foundress and spiritual teacher of the non-profit organization One Simple Voice (OSV) Center for Contemplation and Listening. She teaches interfaith groups, religious groups, organizations, and individuals how to hear and converse with God. Her Center teaches couples to pray together by sharing their God-conversations with each other. Families come to Frannie to learn how to teach their children to converse with God. She presents as a keynote speaker for seminars, workshops and retreats. She also carries a full-time load of spiritual students. Frannie’s following includes people from all walks of life, ranging from religious clergy, bishops, and nuns to those who are unemployed, high- powered executives, those with addictions, and community leaders. Frannie Rose is most inspired by God to teach clergy how to hear God’s voice. She teaches priests, pastors and bishops with the purpose of breathing God’s voice into their religion and prayer, bringing His peace into faith. 


Frannie continues to walk through the greenery, devoting hours of each day to a mystical journey of peace and union with God. She lives with her husband in the mountains of Colorado in a world she describes as “one filled with wonder and the true essence of life.” 

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