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Teach Them to Hear Me

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Do you ever wish you could hear God’s voice?
As you’ve faced hard challenges in your life, have you imagined conversing with God?
Would you like to ask God questions and hear His gentleness and kindness speaking directly to you?
Do you wish to know the meaning and purpose of your life?
Learn to hear God’s voice.
Perhaps you’ve gone to church all your life, searched the scriptures, and read of others who have had a mystical relationship with Him. Maybe you have spoken with your clergyman, listened to theologians, or sought the wisdom of a spiritual mentor, yet still your heart longs for more.
Arising from her extraordinary journey with God, Frannie Rose inspires students across the world to live in conversation and in union with God. His voice is what she heard as she emerged, miraculously, from seventeen years bedridden with illness and as she embarked on a new, awe-inspiring journey with Him.
In “Teach Them to Hear Me,” A Guide to Conversing with God, Frannie Rose guides readers, step by step, through a contemplative journaling technique God shared with her for engaging in daily and increasingly deeper conversations with Him.
When readers say “yes” to this beautiful journey, they will experience what Frannie’s many students have discovered: how to find inner peace with God; how to uncover meaning, purpose, and fulfillment through His answers; and how to gift the world with their newfound peace.

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